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Biohazard Cleaning

MD Trauma Clean offer a biohazard cleanup service to Scotland including Central Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and across the central belt, Northern Ireland and Northern England to recover properties that have been rendered uninhabitable or unsafe as a consequence of contamination with a biological hazards such as blood, body fluids, animals excrement or hazards associated with the build-up and decomposition of household waste or infestation with rodent or other vermin & insects.

We use our specialist knowledge and training and a wide range of “industry strength” environmentally friendly specialist cleaning agents to work safely and effectively in these conditions and to protect against the risk of infection from blood borne viruses such as hepatitis, HIV or any number of airborne pathogens

We provide a cost effective, fast professional service that is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of our customers.

Our staff, trained in the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaning, are experts in the safe removal of needles, syringes, razor blades and other drug paraphernalia and associated items.

All items are transported and disposed of in accordance with current Government regulations.

Our Biohazard Service can deal with (but not limited to) the following:-

  • Blood, urine, faeces and other bodily fluids
  • Needle / Sharps Removal.
  • Removal of Decomposed Materials.
  • Infection Control.
  • Deodorising

As well as cleaning the obvious area that has been contaminated, we also perform a thorough deep clean, especially in areas that the untrained eye would not see such as grout, cement, wood flooring and sub flooring which all have the potential to emanate death odours if they have been contaminated due to the decomposition of human body fluids / blood, and tissue. Grime Scene Queens use professional-grade decontaminants to make safe potential biological hazards.


We are a Glasgow based company offering biohazard cleaning, extreme cleaning and specialist cleaning services across Scotland that has been through rigorous training and gained accreditations with the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaning (NACSC), Killgerm Ltd (insect infestation) LetLink, IPAF, CSCS and have the relevant skills and specialist knowledge in dealing with all manner of extreme cleaning situations that have been gained over a period of 30 years.

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